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Spencer On His Way Out?



    Anthony Spencer's time in a Dallas Cowboys uniform has likely seen its final day, and that's not a bad thing for the Cowboys.

    Spencer is an unrestricted free agent and reportedly has not had any contact with the Cowboys about a possible contract, which means it's likely the team is ready to move on without Spencer, the former first-round draft pick from Purdue who was drafted to be the yin to Demarcus Ware's yang and hasn't really come through on that expectation.

    Spencer tied a career high in 2011, yes, a career high, with six sacks. You don't draft a pass-rushing outside linebacker in the first round to get six sacks twice in his career and have that be the pinnacle.

    Spencer defenders will tell you he does a good job stopping the run, which is a true statement. But guys of that stature aren't employed to stop the run. You have defensive linemen and inside linebackers to do that. The NFL nowadays is all about getting to the quarterback, just ask the New York Giants.

    Spencer was ranked No. 25 on a recent CBSSports list of the top 50 free agents on the market this offseason. It'll be interesting to see where he lands and if he'll be able to bring back to life a career that has so far been a pretty big disappointment.