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Spencer's Helmet Becomes Viking Trophy



    Minnesota Vikingsdefensive end Ray Edwards came away from Sunday's 34-3 playoff victory over the Cowboys with a rare souvenir.

    Dallas linebacker Anthony Spencer, who played with Edwards at Purdue, gave the defensive end his helmet. Walking around the home locker room with a silver helmet adorned with a blue star, Edwards was asked where he got the head wear.

    "That belonged to Anthony Spencer," Edwards told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, per the Dallas Morning News Cowboys Blog. "He gave it to me after the game. We just met on the field after the game and Anthony said, `You beat us, here's your trophy.'"

    Of course, the story has ruffled some of the more touchy Cowboys fans' feathers, but it seems to us a fairly benign development, like soccer players exchanging jerseys after a match. Speaking on ESPN's "First Take" on Monday, Edwards described he and Spencer as "best buddies," and said that he'll put the helmet up in his office.

    What's more, Dallas has Minnesota on the schedule for 2010, meaning that Spencer will have a chance to get a redemptive Vikings helmet for his trophy case.