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Shanny To the Redskins, Wade Strengthens His Grip



    Are you still one of those folks holding out hope that, should the Cowboys blow it on Saturday, Wade will get canned? Keep on dreaming. Last night, the Redskins officially signed Mike Shanahan, solidifying Coach Phillips’ grip on his job for next year and beyond.

    Shanahan signed a deal with the Skins that will pay him $7 million to both coach the team and serve as VP of football operations. He’ll have final say over all personnel decisions, even trumping Little Danny Snyder. That sound you hear is that of a million souls in the DC area breathing a sigh of relief.

    Shanahan’s hiring thins out a suddenly barren market for accomplished, unemployed coaches. Mike Holmgren is now in Cleveland. Bill Cowher has announced he will not be coaching in 2010. And Jon Gruden appears to be making good on his promise to stick around Monday Night Football, which means I’ll have to hear the phrase THIS GUY a million more times next year. Brian Billick is pushing hard for the Bills’ gig. And there’s no indication that Tony Dungy wants to come out of retirement to coach and be quietly strong.

    Like we said Tuesday, Wade is likely here to stay regardless of what happens on Saturday. He won the division title, and his success validates Jerry’s hands-on approach to the team, an approach Snyder now appears willing to abandon, at long last. A playoff loss would only enhance Wade’s rep as a choker, but I’m betting the Double J will again choose to overlook that.

    So get ready, Dallas. The Mastermind is coming to the NFC East. And man, does he have his work cut out for him.