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Schefter Says It Was a "Mistake" to Say Hardy Has Changed

Adam Schefter joined Greg Hardy this week for one of the more uncomfortable interviews we've ever seen



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    That strange, off-putting interview ESPN’s Adam Schefter did with former Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy continues to reverberate in strange ways.

    Schefter has been absorbing a good deal of criticism in the wake of the interview, in which Hardy claimed he never touched any woman and was found to be not guilty in the case that resulted in his suspension. In fact, Hardy was found guilty in a bench trial before appealing for a jury trial. His accuser never showed up to that trial, presumably because Hardy had settled with her out of court, and the charges were dropped.

    Which isn’t really the same thing as being proven not guilty, but Schefter didn’t press the matter.

    In any case, Schefter told WEEI in Boston that he regrets saying that he believed Hardy was a changed man after the interview, but not the interview itself.

    “That was a mistake on my part,” Schefter said. “But I have no regrets about the interview or the questions we asked. None.”