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Roy Williams Was "Scared," Says 'Skins Safety



    It seemed in several instances on Sunday that receiver Roy Williams was battling a potentially deleterious bout of what we call alligator arms on routes over the middle; on a day if inaccuracy for Tony Romo (at least, until the last drive of the day), he provided at least three costly drops, to the tune of audible boos at JerryWorld.

    We at Blue Star were not the only ones to notice.

    LaRon Landry, the hard-hitting safety with the misfortune of playing for the Redskins, told the team's website after the fact that Williams was "scared."

    "Yeah. I know he was [scared]. Y'all can quote it, too," Landry said on Monday.  "Y'all can tell him right now, tell him I'm sayin' it. I can say it right now: yeah, he was scared, I think. I told him he was scared."

    Landry continued that when he informed Williams of his frightened demeanor, Williams said nothing back. "Certain routes he ran, you could tell he didn't want any part of it," Landry said. 

    Aside from winning the ballgame, which is, you know, kind of the point here, Williams may have hit an individual nadir of sorts on Sunday. He had no catches, (the aforementioned) alligator arms, and, as of Monday, bold claims that he was playing scared, which, in the context of pro football, is a stinging indictment.

    Drew Bennett, on ESPN's First Take went so far as to say that Dallas needs to get Williams off the field on Monday, preceding Landry's claims with accusations of his own--these were preceded by the commentating of Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, who stopped short of calling Williams "scared," but seemed several times to imply as much.

    Dallas will head to D.C. to play the Redskins on December 27; it'll be interesting to see if Williams has a rebuttal for Landry and the rest.