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Roy Williams Verbally Spars With (Probably) Sloshed Sooner Fan



    Despite a 16-13 Longhorns victory last Saturday, all was not copacetic for Cowboys and former University of Texasreceiver Roy Williams.

    Aside from the obvious, pedestrian transgression of rooting for the Sooners, one Oklahoma fan had the audacity to tell Roy Williams that he sucked. This should come as no surprise to Williams, who has repeatedly asserted that "everyone thinks [he] sucks." Still, the fan brought up the financial question, which is a popular slight in such exchanges between (probably) drunk hecklers and pro athletes--Williams, nonetheless, was glad to answer.

    Per ESPNDallas, Roy Williams delivered to reporters his account of the incident, one of one million or so instances of petty smack talking between Longhorns and Sooners last weekend:

    "An OU fan said, 'You suck. You get paid $40 million. You suck.' I said, 'Actually I got $45 million.' '' said Williams. "It goes back to my film. I put my film out across the league every week, and I'm happy with my film. If they weren't happy, they would sit me down or talk to me and say I'm doing something wrong."

    Williams, who has a touchdown and eleven catches over four games on the season, went on to acknowledge that he hadn't played up to his expectations thus far in Dallas. However, he contends that he has spent the season being patient, doing what he's supposed to do.

    "I've been patient this year," Williams said. "One of these days, you hope that you don't have to do it, but sometimes you got to dial 911, and I'm waiting on 911 to be dialed up. Hopefully, 911 refers to [Tony] Romo and myself, not an emergency situation."