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Roy Williams Returns



    Roy Williams returned to practice Monday afternoon, looking active (maybe even chipper) only hours after being short (maybe even snippy) with the media.

    "I ain't got nothing to say," Williams had said between practices, severely damaging his chances of getting an invite to the National Grammar Rodeo.

    According to Tim MacMahon at the Dallas Morning News,Williams joked around with teammates, throwing balls at the crossbar and even participating as a quarterback in passing lines during team warm-ups. After someone joked that he underthrew a receiver, Williams reportedly put a good lead on his next pass, before turning around and yelling, "I can get it out there! I'm coachable!"

    As for Roy Williams the receiver, reports indicate that his shoulder was sore but that he had fairly good mobility and wasn't much affected in team drills.  

    "[Roy] looked pretty good, moved around well," said Wade Phillips, in his post-practice press conference. "It looked like he was a little bit sore, you could tell, a little bit on his shoulder. But he didn't seem to have any problems."