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Roy Williams: I'm Not A T.O.



    It's been a tumultuous week for the Cowboys' Roy Williams.

    After weathering criticism from Michael Irvin, Williams met a torrent of questions concerning the connection between he and Tony Romo when he arrived at Valley Ranch on Wednesday.

    As he usually does with this sort of thing, Williams answered the questions directly, honestly, saying that he hadn't gotten the opportunities of Miles Austin, a belief that is supported, at least partially, by the film of last Sunday's win over Seattle.

    These were vaguely incendiary comments at worst, which might explain Williams' incredulity today when asked for a follow-up, per ESPNDallas.

    "I didn't complain," Williams said. "I didn't complain that I didn't get the ball. I got seven opportunities in [last Sunday's win over Seattle]. All I said was that, when it comes to me, it's not there. The percentages ... back my case. I'm not saying it can't be fixed because that's what we do every day. We try to work on it and get it fixed."

    The veteran receiver took special care to separate himself from the man he replaced as no. 1 receiver.

    "I'm not a T.O. [Terrell Owens] or I'm not trying to be a T.O. I don't know why people are trying to put me in that category because I'm happy to win. I've said that 100 times."

    For his part, Tony Romo conceded that the connection was not yet there. After that, though, the quarterback delivered an obstinate screed on unity and football and the evil mastermind we call the "media."

    "I know the media is going to make certain things appear what they may not actually have been or things of that nature," Romo said. "This team is too committed to winning and too committed to improving to let anything like that or anything [the media] may present to us divide this team."