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Roy Williams Happy In His (Unclear) Role



    Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Roy Williams seemed at once to have a poor grasp of his own identity within the offense, and a firm (kind of impressive even) grasp on that of the receiving corps, and the team, as a whole.

    When one watches interviews with the receiver, it is mostly an experiment in reading between the lines; because Williams rarely says anything very incendiary. There are exceptions to this rule, to be sure, but in countless instances, one gets the feeling that his polite answer to this question or that is the football version of pleading the fifth.

    Admittedly, when the issue of role definition was broached yesterday, it caused shudders, and flashbacks--a receiver who shall remain nameless, but once screamed on the sideline "Why'd you bring me here?!" will do that to you. And, on the surface, Williams' answer may have come as vaguely alarming, if for no other reason than, on a good football team, everyone knows what there role is, exactly.

    "I do not know what my role is," Williams said. "I just know that I'm just trying to help this team win, whether it's catching the ball, whether it's blocking downfield, whether it's whatever. I'm just trying to win."

    Williams added that he wouldn't have been mad about the New York game--in which he caught one pass--had Dallas pulled off the victory. Of course, they didn't, leaving one to assume that he was mad, which ostensibly points to Williams wanting more passes in his direction.

    But aside from circumlocution and, according to him, coachability, Roy Williams is an expert at toeing the line of controversy before retreating back to safe (albeit at times, contradictory) answers; Williams continued that Dallas' identity was one of run-heavy football. Not surprisingly, he says he's fine with that, too.

    "[The receivers] are just doing our job," Williams said, "and that's fine with us."