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Roy Williams Doesn’t Matter



    Roy Williams scored yesterday. Good for him, I guess. That makes a robust three catches for Roy over the past two games (14 for the season). And thus the hand-wringing over Williams’ production in the Cowboy offense continues. The fabulously named Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News said last week that Jason Garrett had to get Williams more involved in the offense. Chris Berman noted it on Sunday NFL Countdown in between reciting old Eagles lyrics. Williams himself lamented his lack of production after the win.

    I have no clue why any of this matters. At this point, who cares if Roy Williams is productive or not? Miles Austin is crushing it right now. The Cowboys are in first place, and their offense is one of the best in football. That all happened without Roy Williams, so I fail to see why it’s a MANDATE that he get his. It’s time for people to shake their Roy Williams fixation. You don’t matter anymore, Roy. We have a new boyfriend, now. His name is Miles. And he’s fast, and runs sharp routes, and he’s twice the man you ever were.

    The Cowboys could release Roy Williams TODAY and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference. They really could. Imagine just cutting Williams loose. Now, would you be all that sad? Would the Cowboys drown without Roy getting all his crucial touches? No. In fact, the only thing releasing Roy would do is spare people from complaining about how Roy isn’t involved enough.

    The Cowboys have a true #1 wideout in Austin, a solid #2 in Patrick Crayton, and a good change of pace receiver in Sam Hurd. Roy Williams doesn’t figure into that solid mix and he doesn’t need to, except in the event of injury. So, take care, Roy. It was nice knowing you. I hope, one day, you figure out why you run routes poorly, but it certainly doesn’t matter if you do this year.