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Roy Williams Delivers A Blunt Assessment



    Roy Williams doesn't usually sugar-coat things.

    After all, this is the man who, in numerous instances, has said that everyone thinks he sucks; he called his performance against Atlanta "just terrible." (See the clip here) So his assessment of Sunday's match-up against Seattle shouldn't have really come as a surprise.

    One should point out, though, that Dallas is favored by 9.5.

    "You don't know what (Seahawks) team is going to show up,'' Williams said today in the Dallas Morning News Cowboys Blog. "They've blown some teams out, then they've gotten beat. We're pretty much like them. We don't know what team is going to show up with us. But we've got a little streak going. We've just got to continue to ride this wave.''

    With Dallas fans feeling good about their team for the first time in almost a year, this statement comes as vaguely shocking; but it's also realistic. Dallas's last win was a statement, a complete game and a much-needed bit of reassurance for the masses in the DFW area -- but it was also one game.

    No need to count the chickens, or the Seahawks, as it were, before they hatch.

    "We just want to get better and better each week,'' Williams continued. "We don't want to be the best team right now. We want to continue to climb that mountain and be the best team come Super Bowl time.''