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Roy Williams Criticizes Smith's Criticism



    Considering that Roy Williams, almost completely unprovoked, launched into a tirade two weeks ago about ex-Cowboys who criticize the current squad (particularly Williams himself), Emmitt Smith's remarks about Williams, Tony Romo and Wade Phillips gave us something to look forward to; namely, a follow-up tirade.

    Williams did respond yesterday to Smith's remarks, through which he expressed doubt that no. 11 could be a legitimate no. 1 receiver, though they came off as just a bit predictable from the receiver with a penchant for getting, for lack of a better term, butt-sore over his perception of the media's perception.

    "It's the guys who ain't here, either," Williams said. "They're in the same boat as you guys. They're media guys too now. They don't come in here. They don't come to practice. They don't sit here and watch the film - practice film, game film. They might say they do, but you can't tell me they sit there and watch that stuff."

    Well, this is a point a bit off the mark, considering that, as Williams seems well aware, they--meaning Irvin, Aikman, Smith and Woodson-- are now paid to do just that. But I understand where he's coming from; the media's fell plan to destroy the Cowboys was uncovered two days ago by Orlando Scandrick.

    "C'mon out to practice and see how we do," Williams said. "See how we work and you tell us how good we are."