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Roy Williams Changes His Tune



    The Cowboys are peaking in December, Wade Phillips isn't looking over his shoulder at a long line of big name coaching candidates and Roy Williams is taking responsibility for his own shortcomings.

    If this is an omen for 2010 we're going to have peace in the Middle East and a lot of cats chasing dogs around the yard.

    After Sunday's win, Williams contended that his issue with dropping passes was caused by Tony Romo not throwing enough passes in his direction. Three or four opportunities a game weren't enough, or so he claimed before contending that if he had "more opportunities, I don't think I would be dropping any passes."

    Those complaints morphed into a very reasonable conclusion that the Cowboys offense had lost confidence in their not-so-sure-handed receiver, a conclusion that Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips have been trying to disprove all week. That's all well and good, but it only added up to wasted energy once Williams gave us a sneak peek at his New Year's resolution on Wednesday. It seems that the receiver wants to be more honest about his shortcomings in the coming 12 months.

    Williams started by saying that he did feel there was a loss of confidence from Romo and Jason Garrett and that the loss of confidence was warranted.

    "That's not on them. I don't blame them. I blame myself. I've got to get my crap together and try to help this team win some games in the playoffs."

    Winning back that confidence is also going to come down to him. Williams said he plans to catch 100 balls a day from the pitching machine at practice this week in hopes of cutting down on the drops that have made him one of the least effective wideouts in the entire league.

    "If I make the opportunities in my favor, make the plays, make the three or four plays a game, then that will relate to maybe five the next game.Make those and that relates to eight or nine the next game. Then, boom, there we go. But if I continue to do the things that I've been doing, then I'm going to mess around and be on the sideline, playing special teams."

    That probably won't ever happen as long as the Double J is running the show, unless a willingness to admit mistakes is one of his resolutions for 2010, but Williams does seem to finally have a good grip on the reality of the situation on the Cowboys offense.