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Roy Williams Calls On The Fans



    Attn: Cowboys fans rich or crazy or lucky enough to be in the house Sunday night.

    Roy Williams needs you to be at your deafening best.

    Speaking outside of his locker after practice Wednesday, Williams discussed the excitement of opening the new stadium for the first time, citing fans as no small part of what he hopes will be a winning debut effort.

    "Our number 1 goal is to be undefeated at home, and that starts with us and second is the fans, the fans have to help us, that's going to be key," Williams said. "So fans, if you're listening please, when the game's over I need you to be hoarse, where you can't even talk, and it'll be a good excuse if you can't go to work the next day."

     For his part, Williams wants to grab a handful of stadium firsts and some memorabilia for his probably burnt-orange trophy case.

    "[I'm] very excited," Williams continues. "Like I told a couple guys, I want to be the first one to have the first first down in that stadium, be the first one to score a touchdown. I usually give my ball and my gloves away, but I think I'm going to keep those, if I'm the first one."
    What a palpable fan presence will do, hopefully, is mark Cowboys Stadium as an aesthetically pleasing but, for opposing teams, utterly hostile environment, one in which Dallas will have a decided advantage each time they take the field.
    "One coach told me, Williams said," if you go undefeated at home and win half your games on the road, you're in the playoffs. So our number 1 goal is to be undefeated at home."