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Roy: “I Lost The Ballgame”



    The Cowboys were thissss close yesterday to completing an epic comeback against the defending champs, winning their third straight game, staying theoretically alive for a 9-7 record, and having Jason Garrett be named Grand Viceroy of the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area.

    And then Roy Williams went and fumbled it all away.

    There’s nothing worse than seeing your team turn the ball over while in the midst of a big play. It’s like someone offering you a candy bar and then punching you in the face. And that’s what Roy Williams did when he got stripped of the ball by Malcolm Jenkins yesterday, leading to the Saints’ winning score. He offered us all a luscious, chocolaty Snickers bar, studded with peanuts and crammed with all the nougat you can handle. Then BAM! A fist to the mandible. Unfair.

    For his part, Roy is really sorry about this. Which is a nice change from his standard “What? I did something wrong?” reaction. From Gerry Fraley at the Morning News:

    I Lost the Ballgame: Roy Williams

    [DFW BLUE STAR] I Lost the Ballgame: Roy Williams
    WR Roy Williams says he was a playmaker trying to make a play, but that he cost the team the win over the Saints.More at and
    (Published Friday, Nov. 26, 2010)


    "I lost the ballgame," Williams said. "I'm accountable for what I did. Put it on me. I let my team down."

    Normally, this is the part where you console the grieving player and tell him it isn’t ALL his fault. After all, the defense could have stopped New Orleans on that ensuing drive. Or the Cowboys could have played better in the first half. We don’t necessarily have to put the entire loss on Roy.

    But I’d prefer to. It IS your fault, Roy. You DID lose the ballgame. Not only did you let the team down, you let an entire city down, sending it into a death spiral from which it may never recover. If the city’s schools fail to meet their standardized testing requirements at the end of this year, it’ll be YOUR doing. That’s all on you, young man. Your apology means NOTHING.

    So if you see Roy on the street today, make sure to blame him in full for not only the Cowboys’ woes, but your own personal shortcomings as well. Don’t be afraid. Life is better with scapegoats to lean on.