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Root, Root, Root for the Rangers



    Jerry Jones is not a man who likes to be the second biggest show in town. Heck, one look at JerryWorld makes it clear that he doesn't much like being the second biggest show in the Western world. That should change this week, though.

    There should be big banners hanging off every wall of the stadium celebrating the Rangers and wishing them luck in the ALCS. Every interview with Cowboys players, coaches and executives should make a glowing mention of the Rangers, even if it isn't particularly germane to the question at hand. For example, when Stephen Jones was asked if Wade Phillips might lose his job, his answer should have gone a little something like this.

    "No, because Ron Washington isn't available. I'm kidding, but what a great leader of men that Washington is! How wrong were all those folks who suggested that he should have been fired before the start of this season? You don't give up on talent like that just because they do a little blow and we're not giving up on Wade either." 

    They call that deflecting attention and that's exactly what every day of this Rangers run can do as all the king's horses and all the king's men try to put Humpty Dumpty together again. For the first time since they came into existence, the Rangers are playing for a shot at the World Series and they have captured hearts and minds like never before because of what they've accomplished.

    That's a situation that should be met with great joy by the Cowboys, even if it is at the expense of their own profile and even if Double J would probably rather keep associating himself -- they're already business partners -- with the Yankees. Getting all the king's horses and all the king's men to put Humpty Dumpty back together again is going to be a bit easier if the Cowboys can do the work outside of the prying eyes of a sports-mad public that fears months of irrelevance after another couple of losses from the football team. 

    We're not naive. We realize that the Cowboys will always be the center of the sporting universe in these parts and that the Rangers are a passing fascination. It just happens to be a fascination that's coming at exactly the right time. Instead of losing sleep over the Cowboys penalties, people are worrying about whether Josh Hamilton will turn it on offensively after a ho-hum series against the Rays. David Buehler's inability to kick field goals is less important than C.J. Wilson's next start and who wants to waste time worrying about the Vikings when you can hate on the Yankees instead?

    The eyes of Texas will return to the Cowboys soon enough. For now, be happy for the Rangers and get yourself in shape for whan they do.

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