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Romo's Back Sore, But Not Serious



    Tony Romo spent most of Sunday's 7-6 win over Washington nursing a sore back, the result of making a tackle after a first quarter fumble. As he finished the game and engineered the eventual game-winning drive, the injury was serious enough to draw some concern from his teammates.

    "I must have asked him 10 times 'are you okay?'" said linebacker Keith Brooking, after Sunday's win. "You could tell he was hurting, but he kept going out there and grinding."

    To the naked eye, it appeared that Romo took a knee to the lower back, under his rib protector, as he dove to make the tackle, as DeAngelo Hall returned the Marion Barber fumble. Romo said he wasn't sure exactly what happened, and that he'd have to look at the tape to find out.

    "When I hit the guy and made the incredible tackle, I think, that was just whatever it was," Romo joked after the game. "I've got to imagine it was his knee that just hit me square, you know, in the back and just had to kind of fight through it."

    Romo, who was given a shot at half time, said that his back was sore but that the injury wasn't serious. With the Cowboys on a short week, though, the injury may remain a slight concern.

    "We were just in the back and did the whole deal, and everything, will definitely be playing and all that good stuff. As far as what we are gonna do throughout the week, we will see as the week moves on," said Romo.