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Romo Was Bad But Loss Doesn't Fall on Him Alone



    Since Sunday night, Facebook and Twitter have been crazy. Actually, it's been the people on Facebook and Twitter who have lost their minds.

    There's been plenty of folks calling for Tony Romo's head, which is understandable after his fumble and a terrible interception in the final minute of Sunday night's season-opening loss to the New York Jets in a game that the Cowboys should have won.

    "Give Stephen McGee a chance."

    "I'm never watching the Cowboys again until Tony Romo is benched."

    There's no question Tony Romo is under siege right now in Dallas, but is it really warranted?

    Yes, the interception was a horrible decision and an even worse throw. But what about the play call? Rolling out to the Revis Island and throwing to a receiver who clearly wasn't 100 percent? That one's on you, Jason Garrett.

    It's hard to be upset at Romo for the fumble. With a guy like Romo, you know that's what you're getting. Incredible play-making ability with the occasional boneheaded mistakes, see Brett Favre. Romo saw an opening, and sure, he should've gone down and settled for the easy 3 points, but he wanted to score a touchdown. It's the same as trying to tell Josh Hamilton not to dive in the outfield or slide on the bases because he might get hurt. Guys like that don't think when they're in the heat of the moment. That'll never change.

    It's astounding how little people are talking about that blocked punt near the end of the game that was taken back for a Jets touchdown. Right up the middle, I mean right up the stinkin' middle, untouched. That is never supposed to happen, and frankly, that is a fireable offense for whoever blows an assignment like that. If that doesn't happen, the Cowboys win that game.

    As for the folks saying Romo just doesn't get it done on the big stage, you're correct. He hasn't so far. But how many true "big stages" have the Cowboys been on? His biggest failure so far seems to be the playoff loss to the Giants after the Cowboys went 13-3 in the regular season. The Giants, of course, went on to win the Super Bowl, and the Cowboys would have won that game if Patrick Crayton holds on to a perfectly thrown ball by Romo.

    Peyton Manning was awful in big games too. Then he won a Super Bowl.

    Tony Romo has the talent of a top-10 NFL quarterback. To give up on him now is just foolish. Get a grip, folks.