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Romo Putting On A Show



    The hyperactive Romo-criticizers are, in all likelihood, at a loss for words. What was seen in the first half was an exhibition by Tony Romo in accuracy and poise, hitting shrinking targets deftly and manipulating the pocket like Joe Francis manipulates drunken teenaged girls.

    Romo's first touchdown, to Miles Austin was a great throw and a possibly better run-after catch; but the 29 year-old QB has effectively minimized the effects of a slew of sadly predictable penalties, moving the Dallas offense like the veteran shot-caller everyone had hoped for before the season began.

    The second touchdown pass, if there's any justice left in the world, will land the top spot on SportsCenter's Top Ten. Romo avoided a sack that seemed for a moment unavoidable, slithered through the rush and delivered an inexplicably cool throw to a wide open Patrick Crayton.

    Make no mistake, there are few quarterbacks in the NFL that could operate the offense this effectively in the face of excessive penalties, and even fewer that could have made that last play. This isn't to say that Romo is a cure-all elixir for Dallas, that he and only he will end the team's woes. But at this level, he's a damn good start.