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Romo: " There's No More Individual Goals"



    Sports Illustrated's website did one of their "postcards" from camp for the Cowboys this week, and thankfully SI assigned writer Matt Gagne to the piece, instead of Peter King, who would have given you three sentences about the Cowboys and 50 paragraphs about his stay at the Courtyard Inn the night before. And included in the piece is this rather alarming quote from Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo:


    "There's no more individual goals," he says. "I'm to the point where it's about winning."

    Now, it's very easy to take a random comment like this one and blow it out of proportion. So let's do that right now!

    What do you mean, "no more individual goals," Tony? Were you not about winning before? Was your only goal before to make the Pro Bowl, become super famous, date an array of blonde singers, and attend any number of celebrity golf tournaments? YOU'VE GOT A REAL PROBLEM WITH YOUR PRIORITIES, YOUNG MAN. You're the quarterback, dag nummit! You were ALWAYS supposed to be about winning. It shouldn't have taken you six freakin' years to figure that out. No one in the NFL should play selfishly for six years and then have a faint little chandelier bulb appear over their head and be like, "I'VE GOT IT! I OUGHT TO MAKE WINNING MY PRIORITY!" What have you been doing all this time, Tony? NO WONDER YOU LET EVERYONE DOWN. GRRRRR SO ANGRY!!!!!

    Like I said, very easy to blow this sort of thing out of proportion. I'm sure Tony said this without much thought to it, WHICH IS AN EVEN MORE DAMNING INDICTMENT OF HIS LACONIC AND UNCOMPETITIVE DEMEANOR! Jay Mariotti says you wear your hat backwards, you ruffian! I DEMAND THE STEPHEN MCGEE ERA BEGIN IMMEDIATELY.