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Retired Cowboy Turns Expert Angler



    Gerald Sensabaugh becomes a passionate fisherman after retiring from the Cowboys. (Published Monday, Sept. 29, 2014)

    It’s a classic cliché. Retire. Then fish. 

    You can find former Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh almost every day on a lake with his to boys Isiah and Jackson.

    “We have a blast. Whether we catch something or not, I mean with them it’s a blast,” said Sensabaugh. "If they get bored they just jump in the water.”

    Fishing is more than a lifelong hobby for Sensabaugh. He spent so much time on the boat that he decided to take it the next level.

    “It got to where I was going to the facility with boat," said Sensabaugh. "I was taking some of my teammates out fishing. I was fishing Wednesday tournaments over here in Lake Grapevine all the time. Then I started fishing bigger stuff, and then this year I jumped in to more of the professional side and it’s a great experience.”  

    Sensabaugh is a fast rising angler in the professional fishing world. He's just a rookie but the former safety but is constantly placing in major bass tournaments.

    “Fishing is a way for me to compete after football. That’s one thing about being retired, you want to compete at something.”

    And he's doing it in style. Sensabaugh's boat is the talk of the tour.

    “Now that boat right there gets more looks than anybody’s boat," said Sensabaugh. "I don’t care if it’s the number one fishing guy. They’ll recognize that and say ‘whose boat is that?’ I get it everywhere I go.”  

    But its these moments on the water with his sons that make retirement so sweet.

    “As long as we’re having a good time and they have smiles on their faces, I’m having a blast.”