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Reid's Eagles Feeling Dallas's '08 Pain



    An ancillary degree of satisfaction was felt by Dallas Cowboys fans last Saturday night, one that had little to do with the 13-or-so years between playoff wins; this satisfaction was rooted in more recent history--like, I don't know, December 28, 2008.

    It is a date etched--painfully, one might add--into the conscience of any Dallas fan worth his salt; and on January 9, 2010 the favor was officially returned, int the form of a second-consecutive blowout to send the Eagles home for the winter.

    That Dallas was last year where the Eagles are now isn't lost on head coach Andy Reid; and, like the Cowboys, he hopes his team can channel this year's frustrations into next year's preparation. This idea provided the bulk of comments released a day ago, as documented by the guys at the Dallas Morning News.

    "I think the Cowboys were probably sitting in the same position we are last year," Reid said. "They were looking at this going, 'Dog gone, the Eagles got after us pretty good.' They went back to the drawing board and they answered that question. Do I think that we can close that gap? Absolutely, and we'll do that. I'm going to make sure we do that.

    "That's a great goal for us as players and coaches. You're sitting on that bench press and you want to push yourself through one more rep, you think of that last game right there. That will help get you through any of those times you don't want to workout. Same way as a coach, you don't want to watch another film, think of that game right there man and detail it a little better than what you detailed it that time and become a better football team."