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Preseason Fantasy Spotlight: Felix Jones



    Your fantasy draft is coming soon. You're overwhelmed. Confused. You don't quite know what to do, largely because you are full of beer and churros. Fear not, we at Blue Star are here to help you properly gauge the fantasy value of your favorite Cowboys players. Today, it's RB Felix Jones.

    Every year I end up with Felix Jones in my fantasy league and every year he's both useless and annoying. He always shows enough to occasionally merit time as a spot starter, but he NEVER does enough to justify staying there. His first and second years in the league, I was jazzed to have Felix. He was unstoppable before getting hurt his first year. So before his second year, I figured he'd be healthy and he'd run for four million yards. Then reality hit. By my third year of owning Felix, it wasn't so much a joy as it was a horrible burden. I didn't want to draft him last year. But he was there, and there was no one else, so I got stuck with him again. He's like the ugly kid you always got stuck with in science lab. NOT FAIR.

    Now Felix has the starting role for good and I REFUSE to get sucked into the hype, even if Felix looked very good against the Chargers last night (eight yards a carry! It's rookie Felix back in the house!). I refuse to do it, except that Felix's current draft stock on both Yahoo and make him a pretty good value. On Yahoo, Felix is going, on average, at the 96th pick (10th round). At, he's averaging being picked in at 72nd overall, which is a rather stunning disparity. There are players like Knowshon Moreno who are being drafted higher who really have no business being drafted higher. Felix's history of continuous disappointment has caused the marketplace to devalue him despite the fact that he has the starting gig all to himself.

    So you can see how easy it is to talk yourself into Felix again. After all, at that low a price, why NOT take him? Remember how good he was his rookie year? (NOTE: Talking yourself into Felix always involves mentioning his rookie year). What if he were that productive for all 16 games? What if he's Arian Foster waiting to happen? It could be, couldn't it? Oh God, I'm doing it again.

    That's the insidiousness of Felix Jones. He'll seduce you over and over again, even when you swear you're done with him. He's like your biker ex-boyfriend. Anyway, if Felix drops into the 10th round, take him. But if that game last night boosts his stock well beyond that, BEWARE.