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Power Rankings: NFC East



    Power Rankings: NFC East
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    In a weekly post, we'll talk about where teams in the NFC East sit after each weekend of play.

    1. Washington Redskins (8-7) — The Redskins have continued to win while everyone else in the division has continued to lose, and Washington is winning on the road, which they had enormous trouble doing for much of the season. Their most recent win was a domination of the Eagles behind another masterful outing from quarterback Kirk Cousins. And yes, the Redskins are now NFC East champions. Crazy. Next up: Sunday, noon, at Dallas Cowboys.

    2. New York Giants (6-9) — They get Odell Beckham back, so that's a big plus. They finish things out at home against the now-coachless Eagles, so that's why we put them ahead of Philly in this final installment. Next up: Sunday, noon, vs. Philadelphia Eagles.

    3. Philadelphia Eagles (6-9) — Chip Kelly is gone. Sam Bradford sucks. The Eagles are an absolute mess. Next up: Sunday, noon, at New York Giants.

    4. Dallas Cowboys (4-11) — What a mess. A loss could give the Cowboys the second pick in the draft. Not saying you throw a game, but... Next up: Sunday, noon, vs. Washington Redskins.