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Place Your Bets: Week 17



    If you live in Nevada, Oregon, Montana or Delaware, you're in luck. Otherwise, go to Canada or Europe, or those rogues in New Jersey and get your bet on for the NFL weekend! All games are Sunday unless otherwise noted.

    1. Tampa Bay at New Orleans (-12.5) — This game just has blowout written all over it. The Saints are playing for a wild card berth, and they're at home, where they're darn near unbeatable. The Bucs are just not that great. Drew Brees surely has one more huge Drew Brees game left in him, and it's the last game the Saints will play at the Superdome this year. Watch out for fireworks.

    2. St. Louis at Seattle (-10.5) — See above on this one. The Seahawks have the inside track to homefield advantage in the NFC playoffs, and there might not be another team that homefield benefits more than the Seahawks. They're going to do everything they can to be playing at home late in January, and they're not going to want to leave any doubt.

    3. Kansas City at San Diego (-9.5) — We'll call this game a "Week 17 special." If this were Week 8 or Week 10 or Week 11, the line wouldn't look like this. But the Chiefs are locked into their playoff position and can't rise or fall. The Chiefs most likely will sit many of their stars to rest up for the postseason. Last time the teams met, Philip Rivers lit up the Chiefs defense and that was with the Chiefs' 1s playing.

    4. Washington (+3.5) at New York Giants — The Giants are just bad. They really could be one of the worst teams in the league. The Redskins' record is even worse, but the Redskins are competing for the most part. And with Kirk Cousins under center now, the Redskins' offense has shown some more explosiveness.

    5. Philadelphia (-6.5) at Dallas — There just seems to be too much working against the Cowboys in this game. The most notable thing, of course, is that quarterback Tony Romo is most likely out with a back injury. Sean Lee has already been ruled out for another game, and the Cowboys defense has just been awful. That's not good considering Nick Foles is coming to town. Don't expect the Cowboys' defense to shut Foles and the Eagles down again. Expect Dallas to lose another winner-take-all game.

    Last week: 2-3. 2013 season:36-39*

    *Didn't make Week 5 picks