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Peter King is Still Talking About the "Dez Dinner"



    Sports Illustrated’s Peter King is sick and tired of that whole “Dez Bryant spending $55,000 on dinner” story--and with good reason. It’s been over a week since the reports came in, detailing instances of excess, veterans buying $900 bottles of wine to take home and so forth. But that won’t stop King from (a) being (still) personally offended by the old news and (b) kicking this dead horse of a story with a steel toed boot when most have forgotten about it and moved on. Writes King this week:

    “This doesn't deserve a monumental amount of coverage, but one thing should be said to the Cowboy veterans who delighted in spending about $2,500 per man (one estimate I heard for the 22 to 25 men who attended this dinner) as most of America struggles to pay for weekly groceries: Stop being pigs. It's disgusting.”

    Everything that will be said about this meal has been said--Including, actually, the idea that “it’s disgusting”-- but then, that was King, too. He said it on his radio show last week, when this was still kind of a story. Apparently unsure whether enough people heard just how he feels about extravagant meals and the men who enjoy them, King felt it necessary to get that sentiment in print, be it a week or so late or not.

    This either makes King a blowhard or a champion of the working man, and we’re not sure which--maybe both. We do know that this is not, as we say, a story with “legs,” certainly not worth being talked about more than a week after the fact. And yes, we realize the irony of writing about the story a week later, to decry those who are still writing about it. But it seems that some overreaction is in play here. King called Ben Roethlisberger “immature” after he was accused of sexual misconduct for the second time, his actions “embarrassing,” but we can’t recall him ever using the word “disgusting,” let alone suggesting that he was being a “pig.”  

    Then again, maybe King has a point in driving this point home with such vigor--after all, it’s not as though anyone else in 2010 is spending an extravagant amount on some frivolous thing. Nope. No one except for those damned Cowboys’ veterans. Pigs.

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