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Patriots, Panthers Favorites to Win SB50



    Patriots, Panthers Favorites to Win SB50
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    When the team with the No. 1 seed in the AFC is the "long shot" to win the Super Bowl, you know you're splitting hairs, but that's the point we're at now in the NFL playoffs with the Conference Championship Games coming up on Sunday.

    With four teams left, the Panthers and Patriots are both 2-1 favorites to win Super Bowl 50, while the Cardinals sit at 3-1 and the Broncos are at 4-1.

    You have to believe the Cardinals and Panthers are the two best teams remaining in the playoffs and they've been the two best teams all season long, but one team will begin its offseason on Monday.

    The favorites pretty much line up based on their quarterbacks with Cam Newton and Tom Brady as the two best remaining. Then there's Carson Palmer who is coming off a pretty awful game in the Cardinals' overtime win over the Packers, and finally it's the aging, declining Peyton Manning.

    Who are you taking at this point? The Patriots? The Cardinals? The Panthers? It's really hard to pick the Broncos at this point, but wouldn't it just be appropriate to see Manning magically go out on top again?