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Patriots-Inspired Deflated Football Hats Hit the Market



    Patriots-Inspired Deflated Football Hats Hit the Market
    DeflateGate Hats & Apparel

    If you're looking for the perfect accessory to irk Tom Brady and the Patriots when they play the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in October -- look no further.

    DeflateGate Hats and Apparel is offering clever T-shirts and ballcaps emblazoned with the word "Deflatriots," accented with a deflated football, in a script that looks unsurprisingly like that of the current NFL Champions.

    If that weren't enough, they've got a Cheesehead-inspired novelty polyurethane deflated football hat that'll sit atop your dome and poke fun at quarterback Tom Brady for four full quarters.

    "These trademarked, American-made hats, along with the whimsical "Deflatriots" logoed caps and t-shirts, are the perfect way for fans to give the Patriots and their fans a little grief! The "Deflatriots" caps and t-shirts come in the colors of all eight teams that the Patriots face on the road during the 2015-16 NFL season. So whatever your team, we have you covered," said the company in a news release.

    The hats are available for kids and adults from $34.95 to $38.95, depending on size and whether or not you need the addition of the air needle. To order, visit