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Out Of The Chute: Giants at Cowboys



    Every week during the season, we’ll scout out the Cowboys next opponent. This week, that opponent is the New York Giants.

    The Opponent: The New York Giants, aka the New York Footba... you know what? NO. I'm not doing it. They're just the Giants.

    Record: 6-6, or 6-5-0-1 in the Moral Victory Standings.

    The Line: Cowboys by 3.5. I never trust Tony Romo when he's favored in prime time.

    Last Game: A thrilling 38-35 loss to the unbeaten Packers that represented Green Bay's toughest game of the season. Everyone linked this game with the Giants' 38-35 loss to New England at the end of the 2007 season, which the Giants followed with a run to the Super Bowl. I'm not quite convinced that the Giants are poised to do it all over again, considering that they've given up EIGHTY-SEVEN points in their past two games.

    The Coach: Tom Coughlin, who has the perpetual look of a man who has just been told that his car has been impounded.

    The Offense: It's possible that wideout Mario Manningham will need surgery on his injured knee, which would keep him out of this game and, possibly, for the season. That's good news for you Cowboys fans shuddering at the memory of Manningham crushing the Cowboys in the Cowboys Stadium opener on SNF two season ago. The bad news is that the Giants offense is humming along just fine without him. Hakeem Nicks is fully healed, and rookie Victor Cruz has been brilliant in his first season. Also, Ahmad Bradshaw finally made it back into the lineup last week after missing a full month, and while his numbers were pedestrian, I promise you that his presence in the lineup boosted that team immeasurably. Also, Eli has been winging the ball all over the place the past two games. FEAR THE SMALL MANNING.

    The Defense: As always, it's all about the pass rush. When the Giants make it to the QB, they win. When they don't, WHOOP DEE! The Giants had a combined two sacks against the Packers and Saints. They can't afford to let the QB stand back in the pocket and pick their secondary apart, because this isn't a great group of DBs.

    Key Matchup: Jason Garrett vs. the clock. Why do I suspect that Sunday was not the last time we'll see the Cowboys end a game in controversial fashion? This is as big a game as it gets for Dallas. Let's hope they've managed to sort out the whole "not icing your own kicker" thing.