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Out Of The Chute: Cowboys at Packers



    Every week during the season, we’ll scout out the Cowboys next opponent. This week, that opponent is the Green Bay Packers.

    The Opponent: The Green Bay Packers, aka the Pack, aka they really wish Favre would retire so they could go back to thinking of him fondly.

    Record: 5-3

    The Line: Packers by 8. And at long last, your Dallas Cowboys are not unreasonably favored going into an embarrassing loss.

    Last Game: An impressive 9-0 shutout of the Jets. On the road, no less. The game wasn’t over until the Packers foiled a last ditch attempt by Mark Sanchez to get a pass interference call on a long bomb. No such luck for New York, and suddenly the Packers are beginning to fulfill every preseason expectation.

    The Coach:Mike McCarthy. McCarthy is not a good coach. But when coaching opposite the likes of Wade Phillips, he looks downright competent.

    The Offense: Despite their current winning streak, the Packers’ offense has been inconsistent in both phases. Aaron Rodgers can put up gaudy numbers, but he’s also prone to fits of inaccuracy and holding the ball too long. Against Minnesota, Rodgers wasn’t on the same page as his receivers, resulting in a bevy of throws to areas where nary a soul was to be found. The Packers also have some issues running the ball with Ryan Grant done for the year. This running game only springs to life once the passing game is hitting.

    The Defense: They just pitched a shutout. And surely, you Cowboys fans remember last year’s desultory 17-7 loss in Lambeau, a game where Dallas was nearly shut out for 60 minutes. That was an ugly, horrible game. With Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson rounding into form, there’s no reason to expect the results will be any different this year for Jon Kitna and his gang of turnover wizards.

    Key Matchup: Jerry Jones versus his luxury suite wall. If the man hasn’t canned Wade by now, I don’t know when he ever will.