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DeMarcus Ware is No Ebenezer Scrooge



    DeMarcus Ware is no Ebenezer Scrooge, according to one Copper Canyon family.

    The Gilbreaths, die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans, couldn't wait for a chance to meet Pro-Bowl linebacker DeMarcus Ware at the LewisvilleWal-Mart. But just as the family reached the autograph-signing table, Wal-Mart officials told them he couldn't sign anything else.

    After hearing this, Steffanie Gilbreath and her sister begged for Ware to give their kids his autograph, but he was only able to sign one more item -- her nephew Blayne Millers jersey, before being pulled away.

    Disheartened after waiting for hours, Gilbreath began a letter-writing campaign to officials at both Wal-Mart and the Cowboys organization.

    DeMarcus Ware Doesn't Disappoint

    [DFW] DeMarcus Ware Doesn't Disappoint
    A fan autograph session ended just as a family was hoping to get DeMarcus Ware's autograph only to be turned away after one item was signed, but when he heard about their disappointed the Cowboys linebacker came through for the family.
    (Published Friday, Dec. 17, 2010)

    Once Ware learned of what happened he insisted that he sign all of their items and sent a courier to pick up their memorabilia.

    Gilbreath said she didn't expect to get anything because she didn't think anyone would care.

    "I'm in awe that he would care that much about people that mean nothing. He doesn't know us and he's going to be a hero in my family for a very long time," said Gilbreath.

    Ware has signed the items and the organization plans to overnight them to the kids on Saturday.