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NFL Policy Puts Kibosh On Jerry's Watching Party



    Jerry Jones, not surprisingly, hatched a wonderful plan for Sunday's divisional round game in Minnesota, one that--not surprisingly--would draw a large crowd through the gilded front gates at Cowboys Stadium.

    The idea was to host a watching party on Sunday at JerryWorld, where fans could see the Cowboys take on the Vikes on the largest HD television in the free world. Since most fans just watch the JerryTron on game days anyway, it would lend an air of familiarity for the Dallas faithful.

    One problem, though: the NFL--in living up to its pejorative nickname, the No Fun League--has a rule against such tremendously sized watching parties.

    "We do not allow mass-viewing events of our televised games," said Greg Aiello, the NFL's senior vice president of public relations, and card-carrying spoil-sport. "That is a long-standing policy."

    Ah yes, but Jerry Jones is wealthy and powerful. So, he is doing what any wealthy and powerful man in his situation would do: lobbying the league to make an exception. Officially, we wish him the best; but the NFL doesn't usually waffle on these things, making a 100,000-head party an improbability at best.

    This won't likely slow the moxie-driven Jones, however.

    "They have a rule in the NFL that won't allow you to open your stadium and have that kind of showing," Jones said recently on 105.3 The Fan. "We've asked about it, and we've tried to encourage it. And are going to continue try and be persistent. ... We'd love to do it."