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Mr. November Rides Again



    Tony Romo improved his record to 18-2 in November games in Sunday's 27-24 overtime win over the Redskins.

    He did it by playing a very well-rounded game. He hit nine different receivers on his way to 292 yards and three touchdowns. That kind of field vision has been a crucial part of the Cowboys' resurgence in recent weeks as has Romo's ability to make something out of nothing when plays break down. Romo made something out of nothing time and again on Sunday, giving the Cowboys the spark they needed to find their way to a win on a day when very little went right.

    It was a performance that showcased everything that has made Romo a good NFL quarterback, so it is no surprise that it came in November. That's always been the month where Romo moves into the forefront of the discussion of the top quarterbacks in the NFL and it has been kicked up to an even higher level this season.

    In the last three games, Romo has completed almost 70 percent of his passes for 894 yards, eight touchdowns and no interceptions. Other quarterbacks are playing as well as Romo right now, but no one is playing any better and no one has done more to rewrite the story of their season.

    Should things continue along this path, Romo will wind up having the best season of his career. Your initial reaction to that is likely that it can't possibly be true after the way things started out, but that's the pace Romo has put himself on over the last three weeks.

    That shift is part of the reason why there's no better month for Romo to dominate than November. You can use it as a snide way to diminish his lack of success in the postseason by saying that Romo dominates when the stakes are still middling. On the other hand, it makes you remember that 16 games is a long period of time and that a few bad games in the early going doesn't mean that everything goes up in smoke.

    Football is about more than just the beginning and the end, though. You need these games to solidify your spot in the playoff race or to give yourself a shot in the final weeks. November games might get lost in the shuffle, but they are a major part of the story.

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    Romo may never be the quarterback that people dream he could be, but the last three weeks have been a stark reminder that he's still good enough to make good things happen for the Cowboys. Especially when we get to the 11th month of the year.