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More Screens For JerryWorld



    The Deathstar just wouldn't have been quite as impressive without a mess of Genosian Starfighters and Hornet Interceptors whirring around it, and the JerryTron--unquestioned ruler of all in the videoboard world--wouldn't have been quite as impressive without a mess of smaller, still-pretty-awesome screens surrounding flanking its all-encompassing glow. Lucky for us then, that Jerry Jones (complete with HD fetish) still runs the show in Dallas.

    "More videoboards, I say, MORE!," Jerry may have said (possibly while stroking a white cat, possibly while sitting behind an ominous looking control board a la Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget).

    On Sunday night, flying under the radars of the telecast, and maybe even a few fans (but not the all-knowing JerryTron itself, to be sure), were eight new, kind-of-huge Daktronics LED displays installed around the concourse at JerryWorld.

    Needless to say, Jerry's ecstatic about the new boards.

    "Our plazas provide almost eight acres of landscaped outdoor space for fans to gather before, during and after the game,” said Jerry, in a report. "The addition of the Daktronics video boards provides engaging entertainment for our fans, enhancing everyone’s game-day experience. This connects everyone to live action from our pregame shows, the game itself and all the way through to our postgame interviews."