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Mistakes, Miscues Ensured Sunday's Loss



    To say that a team gave a game away is to latently take credit away from the victors; it is also, however, a pretty accurate assessment of Sunday night's loss to New York.

    Dallas made enough mistakes at bad enough times, the contest could've easily turned into a laugher, rather than the heartbreaker it was, played out to the tune of Cris Collinsworth's incoherent ramblings about Terrell Owens and cage dancers. The much questioned (going into the week) run defense kept Dallas close, which is to say they made up for the night's short comings on the part of Tony Romo.

    Ugliness aside, Dallas was a defensive stop away from a huge, Jerry-tastic win last night. What happened on that last drive--regardless of the 4 turnovers that preceded it--was a reminder that there is still plenty of work to be done, and a lesson in giving a game away.

    "It just all came down to mistakes," DeMarcus Ware said after the loss. "The team that makes the least turnovers in a game usually wins, and that's what they did. They didn't have any turnovers. In this league, the team that makes the fewest mistakes usually goes furthest."

    "That's the way I feel," Ware said, when asked if they gave the game away. "I feel like, you know, from the score going into the half, I think it was 20-17, we were still in it with two turnovers and them getting on the thirty, going into our twenty, three times, and still having that type of score... You know, it was hard, but we gave that game up."

    However, Ware, like many in Dallas' locker room last night, refused to launch into a defeatist screed; the disappointment of the loss, heavy as it may be, he said, would essentially propel the team in the future.

    "It's not the end of the world," said Ware. "That's the way I see it, you got to get ready for next week and correct the things that we messed up on this week.I mean, it hurts bad, especially in a new stadium, you're having a lot of Hall of Fame guys here, the older guys here rooting for you. We let them down but also we let ourselves down, and I think that's going to push us in the next week to play better."