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Missing Mascot Reported Fired



    There has been a strange silence at the Cowboys first two home games this season, as Rowdy, the team's official mascot, usually seen tearing around the field on a blue and silver four-wheeler, has been absent from the sidelines.

    One can't help but wonder if the large-headed foam Cowboy's absence has anything to do with his running afoul of league brass-types last season for, among other things (including parking his decked out ATV in the end-zone during receiving drills), giving Terrell Owens a chest bump following a touchdown. After that incident, Rowdy was relegated to pregame appearances and operating the T-shirt cannon in the early third quarter.

    This season, his role has decreased to zero, causing some abject sorrow, and others unadulterated joy.

    So where, oh where, could he be?

    Well, according to the Dallas Morning News, the man who brought Rowdy to life since his debut in 1996, Ted Ovletrea, was fired in August. Cowboys spokesman Brett Daniels told the DMNthat "the character of Rowdy is still part of the team, but officials are evaluating his role on game days."

    Which is good; because those T-shirts aren't going to launch themselves.

    Rowdy counterparts Jaxson de Ville, Pat Patriot and Billy Buffalo were unavailable for comment.

    Because they can't speak.