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Miles Austin: Fantasy Waiver Wire God



    Over the past two games, Miles Austin and his scary gums have been nothing short of a godsend for your Dallas Cowboys. Austin has proven that he can now be the big play wideout the Cowboys so desperately need, which in turn opens up the rest of the offense, which in turn makes Tony Romo a better QB, which in turn means no passes to Sam Hurd when the game is on the line. FUN!

    But if there’s one group of people more excited about Austin’s emergence than Cowboys fans this morning, it’s people in the fantasy football community. The idea that someone like Austin can come along on the waiver wire during the season and not only excel, but DESTROY other teams, is one of those prospects that causes your average fantasy owner to have a particularly vivid nocturnal emission. Austin’s 421 yards receiving in the past two games is the fourth most IN HISTORY, behind Chad Ochocinco, John Taylor, and Jerry Rice. Not exactly a group of flukes. The past two games alone have helped vault him into the Top 10 in fantasy scoring for wideouts. This is no Frisman Jackson we’re talking about. We’re talking about a potential fantasy football miracle. Here were some of the reactions from Fantasyland after austin’s performance on Sunday:  

    Do we all officially cut Roy Williams now??? At least I did not start him this week.

    Austin, you may be the only thing protecting my wrists from not getting slit.

    Holy moly, those are some chompers.

    Miles Austin is killing it for the Cowboys. Guess who I picked up in bought my fantasy leagues? mwhahaha!

    I've jumped on the Miles Austin hype train and I'm sitting in the front row, only because the conductor keeps punching me every time I stick my head out the window of the engine car.

    We’re talking about the hottest waiver wire pickup since Samkon Gado. If you happen to be in one of those fantasy leagues where no one cares and 80 percent of the people don’t even know what the waiver wire is, and Austin is somehow still available, I suggest you make your claim tout suite. Your boy might be doing this kind of damage for a good long time.