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Martellus Bennett Wants To Give You A Nickname



    Martellus Bennett seems to have a natural penchant for giving nicknames.

    Before renaming himself Jupiter's Crunch on Twitter, Bennett called himself Marty B -- presumably because the latter was so blande. Crunch is a reference to his persistent claims that he is a martian who trains on Jupiter (with such training partners as the Predator and Goku from Dragonball Z.)

    For a short time as a rookie, it was thought that he would go by Aquaman, in reference to an immoderately bizarre interview, in which he compared himself to the aquatic superhero and said that he spoke to marine life. (This before claiming he caused an earthquake that rocked the camp in Oxnard when he "landed.")

    Apparently without consulting with Jason Witten, he dubbed the tight end duo "Beans and Rice," a nickname that Witten later rejected but, after a short search for a new moniker, Bennett continued.

    Now, there's a chance that the Cowboys Stadium faithful will get the honor and thorough confusion of a nickname thought up by the sophomore tight end who, as a former Texas Aggie, is used to the concept of the "Twelfth Man."

    "The more people that come, the better we'll play," Bennett said, of Sunday's home opener against New York. "I plan on it being the twelfth man. We won't call it the twelfth man, we'll call it something else, and maybe I'll come up with a name for what we'll call them, but it'll be something cool."

    Your guess is as good as mine.