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    In this week's edition of Martellus Bennett On..., the second year tight end discusses his quarterback, the Carolina Panthers, and the benefits of Texas gun laws, among other topics.

    On Tony Romo: "You can't judge [a] guy off of one bad game. He does a hell of a job for us and he's our quarterback so we rally around him good or bad, no matter what."

    On the Carolina Panthers, and delightful color schemes: "What do I know about [the Panthers defense]? I just like the colors of their jerseys. I think they're really cool, it's a great combination of colors, it's good. Other than that, just like any NFL defense, they have star players, a lot of key guys you have to key down on, Julius Peppers is an outstanding player. It's just another chance for us to compete. "

    On his favorite television show, and, in turn, shameless self promotion: "I enjoy Marty B TV to the fullest, it's like my favorite TV show, ever."

    On opening up his home to the public, via Marty B TV, self-protection, and Texas gun laws: "It's just like MTV Cribs, it's just the Marty B TV version of it. I'm just a chill guy. I have protection at the house, so if anyone wants to rob me, you can come on. The Texas laws allow me to pretty much do anything I want to you. So for the most part, I ain't trippin.'"

    On fan appreciation: "I love all fans, bandwagon or not. Station wagon fans, SUV fans, drumline fans, I love all fans."