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Martellus Bennett Goes Giant Hunting



    According to Martellus Bennett, he has communicated with marine life, and mother nature directly. (When trying to sleep, Bennett once said, the dolphins rouse him with calls of, "come play, come play.")

    Bennett claims to have flown, with regularity. With similar regularity, he claims to have spent this offseason training on the rings of Jupiter with the Predator and Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

    So today, when Bennett approached the camera with a plate of what looked like barbecued brisket, it shouldn't have been much of a shock when he said that he was actually eating his prize from a Wednesday hunting expedition.

    Equally unsurprising in hindsight, but enough, still, to catch one off guard, Bennett claimed this was no ordinary game.

    "Yesterday I was out hunting..." Bennett said, between immoderately large bites of the mystery meat. "Caught me a giant. That's what I'm eating today. Preparing for this weekend. You ever had giant before? That's what this is. You, too, can get some giant. Just come to the game Sunday. We'll be there."

    This is actually one of the more relevant stories Bennett has ever told to the media; there's not much competition in this regard, as usually, they concern nothing whatsoever, just a heaping dose of off-kilter humor. But this one was topical, and timely.

    Let's just hope Bennett doesn't ruin his appetite before Sunday.