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Martellus Bennett Feels Sexy



    Only days away from Dallas' season opener in Tampa, second year tight end Martellus Bennett is feeling sexy.

    During an interview after practice on Wednesday, Bennett provided his usual mix of irreverent humor and shop talk, the latter of which seems propelled by an offseason that saw a mini-controversy and a lot of growth for the former Aggie as a football player.

    "I feel a lot sexier this year," Bennett said. "That's the main thing for me, just making sure I'm super-sexy. And I think it's been paying off very well. If you're sexy, you look good, you play good."

    The sophomore seems poised to break out in 2009, after a rookie season that saw him catch four touchdown passes in limited playing time; this season, Dallas has made clear that they want to make the most of Bennett's outstanding athleticism via the two tight end set, which will be unveiled for the first time in any real capacity on Sunday in Southern Florida.

    Hopefully for Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett, this will be no small part of an offense which will be a sight more stable, if not more productive, than that of 2008.

    What's different this year? Well, beside the absence of Terrell Owens, Bennett says that hard work, and a camp tougher than any the team has faced has bred a new level of competitiveness and attention to detail among the players.

    "We got killer instinct," Bennett said. "We're going out there, everybody's just working hard, every day at practice, we know it's going to be hot. It's one of the elements of nature. I've been talking to mother nature, [and] her husband about cooling off a little bit. But for the most part, it's just killer instinct.
    "Everybody knows we've got to go out there, every single play counts. "