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Man Owes $120,000 in Cowboys Parking Violations



    An Arlington man is facing an incredibly steep fine for violating the Cowboys Stadium parking rules, according to a report in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

    Michael Anthony Caldwell received nearly 400 citations for allowing stadium attendees to park on his property without a city-issued special events parking permit.  He now owes the city an astounding $120,000 in fines. 

    "He's been operating his lot in defiance of our ordinance for several events, and we are trying to inspire compliance," city attorney Linda Frank told the paper. "It isn't fair for some people to comply while others jump the line and make a profit."

    Caldwell is due in Arlington Municipal Court on Thursday to begin fighting his citations.  Though, I wouldn't expect a judge to grant much leniency in his favor since he received nearly four HUNDRED of them over several months.

    The parking ordinance was enacted last year to regulate surrounding business who hoped to cash in on parking fees.  But to obtain the permit, parking lot operators must meet certain criteria including having an attendant, the lot must be lit and there must be an active business on site. 

    In Caldwell's case, there is not an active business at his location on the 200 block of East Randol Mill Road.

    So far, the city has issued 97 permits to businesses in the city, adding an additional 12,000 spaces.  City officials told the paper they would like Caldwell to be No. 98 on their list, but he must be in compliance first.