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Man Bitten, Woman Arrested After Fight Over Cowboys Game



    My my my, I'm once bitten, twice shy--Great White, 1987

    In the ironically named town of Niceville, Florida on September 28, the Dallas Cowboys caused a disturbance without even losing the game.

    According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, Okaloosa County deputies responded to a domestic disturbance that night, as a man tried to watch the Cowboys play the Panthers on Monday Night Football; according to his wife though, speaking to the responding officers, he had promised to help with the children and household chores.

    Ipso facto, a donnybrook erupted, belying the name of their presumably otherwise-affable city.

    According to the report, the woman attempted to take a computer, with which her husband was blogging about the game, away from him and a struggle of sorts ensued. The man allegedly threw things, either due to frustration with his wife, or that God-awful first half; she allegedly became scared.

    Then--allegedly, mind you--she then did what any woman in her position would do: she bit his finger, hard enough, at least, to draw blood. Chomp.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn for ill-timed football watching.

    After the officers sorted things out, the wife was arrested on misdemeanor battery. The man was subjected to a lackluster Monday night game courtesy of an underachieving Cowboys team and the crap-tacular Carolina Panthers.