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Madden Crystal Ball: 49ers Take Down Cowboys



    Before each regular season Cowboys game, we're simulating the game with Madden NFL 12 to get an outlook on what we might see on Sunday. Read more on the method behind our Madden-ness here.

    Tony Romo's offense can't seem to get it done -- at least in our simulated Madden games.

    Our two simulations put the 49ers in the win column by more than a touchdown each time.

    In the first sim, Dallas only netted two field goals to put up 6 points to San Francisco's 15. But it wasn't a strong SF defense that held the virtual 'Boys to that lower score -- four thrown interceptions by Romo, including three in the end zone while trying to connect with Dez Byrant, proved to be the digital deficit maker.

    In the second round, Dallas still trailed the 49ers with 11 points on the scoreboard against San Francisco's 19. The Cowboys were scoreless until a field goal in the third quarter added a two-point conversion to the only TD simulated for Dallas in the night.

    Yep, that's right, the Cowboys only got one touchdown in the two simulated games of the night. The big reason? The offense simply can't complete passes. In both simulated games, the Cowboys offense had over 100 more yards over San Francisco, but, consistently couldn't complete passes. Coupled with an anemic running game -- Felix Jones was the only Cowboy to run more than 6 yards in either game -- it doesn't look good for the simulated offense for this Sunday.

    On the plus side, Ogletree, Bryant, and Witten topped the charts for receiving in both games, grabbing the lion's share of offensive yardage. If they perform that well on Sunday, and the real-life Cowboys can complete more passes than their digital representations, we might see a different outcome.

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