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Lockhart Jailed For Not Reporting Arrest



    Ex-Dallas Cowboy Eugene Lockhart Jr. was taken into custody Wednesday for not reporting an October arrest.

    Lockhart was currently free while awaiting trail on an alleged $20 million mortgage fraud scam. He was detained last July for failing a court-ordered drug test, later released and ordered to report any further arrests.

    A woman testified Tuesday that Lockhart told her to lie to the FBI about a public intoxication arrest last October in Addison and say that she did not know him, according to a report in the Dallas Morning News

    Lockhart allegedly did not tell federal authorities about last fall's arrest, according to the paper, which was eventually expunged from court records.

    In court Wednesday, Lockhart was taken into custody and will be held until his trial on mortgage fraud charges begins. That trial, which was to start Monday, has been rescheduled for August.