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Let's Stop Talking About Roy Williams



    Jerry Jones did his customary radio spot on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday morning and, as always, one of the lead topics of discussion was Roy Williams. Jones praised Williams's play at practice to the high heavens, leading one to wonder why they don't just place him on the practice squad and be done with it. It also, predictably, led to discussion of when all of these wonderful practice sessions would pay off during a game.

    If this whole topic of conversation wasn't tiresome last year, last month or last week, it certainly has been exhausted now. The masses have long contended that Williams is a waste of money and a waste of a roster spot. That hasn't stopped Double J from  clinging to his defenses of Williams, because the owner will always feel the need to justify what he paid to bring Williams from Detroit. Round and round we go even though the Cowboys have much bigger fish to fry in the immediate future.

    Both sides are dug in, so why not just call a truce and agree to resume the disagreements once the Cowboys season comes to an end?

    Unless Williams goes on a Larry Fitzgerald-esque run in the postseason, nothing is going to change anyone's minds. So just focus on the things that actually matter to the team on the field since this Williams debate hasn't stopped the Cowboys from winning the division. Who knows, perhaps ignoring it during a long playoff run will allow everyone to just keep ignoring it in the future.

    If not, you can be sure the discussion will have plenty of currency come the offseason. When the Cowboys and Miles Austin are haggling over a raise and everyone notices that there's already someone getting paid like a No.1 receiver in Dallas, it's likely Williams will find himself the center of attention once again.