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Let's Play The Blame Game



    Alright, sports fans, here’s how it works. The Cowboys have been so bad in their first two games, that it’s kind of hard to place the blame on any one person. Jessica Simpson is long gone, after all, and we’re in the mood for some good old fashioned scapegoating--so what to do?

    We’ll list the obvious, and a few less obvious picks for the most blameworthy figure at the moment, and in the comments section, you’ll heap the blame on whoever you see as the ultimate pariah. Ready, go!

    *Wade Phillips. The team has looked horribly underprepared through these first two games, and that falls on Wade’s shoulders. Sure, Jason Garrett called that awful, no-good ill-conceived attempt at a Hail Mary in week one, but Phillips didn’t overturn it, as most head coaches interested in keeping their jobs would. Speaking of...

    *Jason Garrett. Garrett’s offense has been unbalanced throughout the young season, and wholly bereft of any sense of identity. He has abandoned the run twice in two chances thus far (Washington and Chicago), leaving Tony Romo to throw 47, and 51 times respectively. Oh yeah, and he called that stupid Hail Mary thing.

    *Jerry Jones. Jones opted against picking up a veteran kicker this offseason, which shows a lot of confidence in the untested David Buehler--maybe too much, in fact. He’s also responsible for hiring Phillips and Garrett, who are about as popular as sunburns at the moment.

    *Tony Romo. Romo hasn’t played bad thus far this season, particularly in comparison to the team as a whole; he was pretty good at Washington and okay-to-kind of bad against Chicago, missing on several key passes. He is also included as an option because people in the DFW area typically like to blame Romo for things.

    *Cowboys Stadium. You can’t play in a stadium nicknamed “The Deathstar” and not expect some bad stuff to happen. By Phillips' own admission, Friday’s practice was pretty, pretty bad. It was held at JerryWorld, in front of a good deal of screaming fans. Some worry that such an environment provides a distraction where none is needed. Some others, like Jerry Jones for example, want to cram those seats, gameday or not.


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