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LeBron Still Doing His Cowboys Thing



    The NBA lockout is still going strong and despite guarded optimism over the current ongoing negotiations, there's still no guarantee your Dallas Mavericks will be able to take the court and defend their title this season. And the prolonged work stoppage hasn't stopped the man the Mavs vanquished, LeBron James, from openly daydreaming about playing for the Cowboys on Twitter:

    Man I had a dream last night I was at the Cowboys facility in the equipment room getting all my gear with my trainer@Mikelift1 #FeltReal

    Ever since the lockout started, LeBron has been teasing the idea of playing in the NFL over and over again. It's his way of trolling for compliments. He's knows that if he's like, "Thinking about playing in the NFL, guys!", he'll get 50,000 replies from hangers on who will be like, "ZOMG! U SHULD! U'D BE SOOO GUUD!" It's pretty pathetic that a guy who makes a zillion dollars a year and is blessed with otherworldly athletic abilities still feels the need to invite flattery from complete strangers. But that's LeBron's thing. That's what he does.

    In light of what happened last season, this kind of BS from him becomes readily transparent. He didn't have that dream. It didn't feel real. He's LYING. LIAR LIAR HEAT LOGO ON FIRE.

    So you Cowboys fans should embrace your inner Maverick fandom and resist LeBron as he goes fishing for encouragement. Much better to see him in a Heat uniform getting his butt kicked than seeing him in a Cowboys uni for real.