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Landry Watches Over 'Boys Fans' Engagement



    Amid the seething throngs of blue and silver clad Cowboys fans on Sunday was a man nervous for reasons other than say, the Giants' vaunted rushing attack, or their generally feared front four. In fact, football may have been the furthest thing from his mind as he walked to Gate A, that night.

    Shortly after reaching the gate, the bronzed statue of Tom Landry dutifully watched over Eric Oliver as he hit a knee and proposed to his girlfriend of two years, fellow Cowboys die-hard Christine Goodman.

    It was all caught on camera as Oliver asked an unknowing Cowboys fan to record the whole thing.

    This was not a match made in Dallas, or even in Texas, but one that was born of the far reaches of Cowboys Nation. Christine was born and raised in Virginia--certifiable Redskins Country (boo, hiss)--but saw the light, and began following the Cowboys as a child, much to the chagrin of her 'Skins-supporting parents.

    Eric was born in New Jersey and raised in Boston. He converted as a result of the NFC Championship Game in 1975, after watching Roger Staubach connect with Drew Pearson on a long, Viking-confounding pass for a touchdown; he hasn't turned back since.

    The two flew to Dallas from the D.C.-area for Sunday night's home opener, under the pretense of just watching a football game.

    In an email to Blue Star, Christine said she and Eric plan on tying the knot next June, and living in the greater Washington area. "I still attend games at the Fed Ex field, especially when Dallas plays, except now I have a companion to share the wild and crazy times with," Christine said in the email. "Go Cowboys !!!"

    Congratulations to the happy couple and, indeed, go Cowboys.