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Know Your Garrett Replacements: Brian Schottenheimer



    Every time the Cowboys lose, we’ll profile potential replacements for Cowboys interim head coach Jason Garrett, should he be replaced at the end of the season. Today, it’s Brian Schottenheimer!

    Name: Brian Schottenheimer. Something about that last name makes me want to run a draw on 3rd and 13 in a playoff game.

    Career Record: 0-0. Kind of Zen when you think about it.

    Credentials: Current offensive coordinator for the New York Jets, who lay claim to the best record in football along with two other teams. Schottenheimer is actually a holdover from the Eric Mangini era in New York, and interviewed to replace Mangini, but lost out to current head coach Rex Ryan, who kept him around anyway. He’s also turned down two head coaching interviews with Miami and Buffalo. Playing hard to get, eh? I see the angle.

    Under Schottenheimer, the Jets went to the AFC title game last year and look even stronger this year, in no small part because quarterback Mark Sanchez has continued to flourish under Schottenheimer’s tutelage. After a rocky rookie year, Sanchez played extremely well in the 2009 playoffs, and has a TD:INT ratio of 2:1 in 2010. He’s also displayed quite a knack for leading his team to comeback wins. Might that sort of coaching be helpful to a talented but erratic QB down here in Dallas? Oh, I don’t know.

    Schottenheimer has now worked under two successful head coaches: Ryan, and his father, Marty. There’s never any guarantee that success will rub off on Schotty Jr., but it ain’t a bad pedigree. There’s also something to be said for hiring a skilled coordinator who has no head coaching experience. You never know when you’ve stumbled upon the next Sean Payton or Joe Gibbs. With a big name coach, you know what you’re getting. Someone like Schottenheimer represents the thrill of the unknown. That can turn out spectacularly, or it can turn out to be Josh McDaniels. FUN!

    Weaknesses: Don’t the Cowboys pretty much have a similar coach already in place at the top? Do you really replace Jason Garrett with another offensive coordinator with no head coaching track record? Seems redundant. And remember: Sexy head coaching candidates are always a bad omen. Brad Childress was once a hot name. I swear it’s true.

    There’s also the matter of that last name. Is choking genetic? It might be genetic.

    Odds Of Being Named The Next Cowboys Coach: 60/1. I think Garrett is unlikely to be replaced at the end of this season. If he does go, it’ll be for some big mucky muck like Bill Cowher. I just don’t see how the Double J justifies trading in a seemingly competent Garrett for an unknown. But hey, stranger things have happened.

    Do You Want Him?: Let us know in the comments.

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